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Hone Your Knowledge of Sign Language Interpretation

At Camaraderie-Solutions, we work to include diverse perspectives through trainings, workshops, mentoring, and a book club.

Our Work

Read below for details about the services we offer at Camaraderie-Solutions in Raymond, New Hampshire:

Consulting for BIPOC awareness:

A desire to be more inclusive has inspired individuals & various RID chapters to request our team’s perspective on working with diverse populations. Lesley has conducted private consultations and peer group discussion. People generally want an opportunity to ask uncomfortable questions, unpack, emote, network, and begin to dig deep regarding social bias & privilege. These sessions are conducted in either ASL or English.

Black Lives Matter - discussions

We conducted four sessions to view & unpack issues near and dear to our communities.  Our starting point was - Dear White Interpreters & Signing Black in America videos. Two sessions were in ASL only, two in English only.   

NSL to ASL Interpreting

Our Deaf, BIPOC consultants share their native languages with students who want to learn about their culture, religion, self-advocacy, survival of horrific events & resilience.

Memoir: Down the Braided River

Camaraderie Solutions is providing interpreting support To Bhawani Dangal and Julia Freeman-Woolpert in the creation of Bhawani's memoir of his journey as a refugee from Bhutan, to the refugee camps in Nepal, to resettlement in Concord, New Hampshire.

Workshops and Trainings

Interpreter Training, Justice Interpreting Project - Completed 4/10/2022

The classes focused on interpreting with victim services, law enforcement, and prosecutors for Deaf survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, & natural disasters.  Supported by the NH Department of Justice.

World Deaf Refugee Day - WDRD 2023

The first ever World Deaf Refugee Day was in Pennsylvania in 2021. Camaraderie Solutions provided the interpretation both on the ground, and online to provide remote support. WDRD 2023 is in the planning stages now.


Hershey Cycles - Hershey, PA

New and Gently Used Discounted Bicycles Available for Deaf Bhutanese/Nepali New Americans and their Children!!

Friends and Family of the Bhutanese Deaf Community

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