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Our Team 

Where Diversity and Kindness go hand in hand.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our diverse team includes members of the BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) community, within & beyond the United States. We encourage and support them, and we are grateful for their time, expertise & generosity.

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Deaf Team Members/Hearing Team Members

Abbas Ali

Bhawani Dangal

Krishna Gaiurel

Chandra Gurung

Suk Gurung

Lori McLaren

Linda O’Connell

David Steele

Theresa Steele

Rupa Subedi

Marta Tawney

Robert Tawney

Santosh Kc

Carlos Carrasco

Alida Gervais

Mary Hughes

Chloé Rayer

Lesley Richardson

Josh Simpson

Andre Shepperd

Sandy Unger

Julia Freeman-Woolpert

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