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Introduction to Justice Interpreting: Victim Services

This course shed light on a challenging interpreting specialty, Victim Services. Now I recognize how this work often overlaps with medical, legal, and mental health settings; how different service providers coordinate wraparound care in a wide range of scenarios and settings; and how interpreters can best support survivor autonomy by knowing their role and keeping mediation minimal and concise. I've also received resources and a network for continuing to grow my knowledge — a never-ending journey! 

Polly Lorien

UNH - Manchester

Introduction to Justice Interpreting: Victim Services

The books, videos, and live discussions were helpful in my learning about victims' services

Alida Gervais

911 Call Center Operator

Feedback from our Discussion Group

Our participants raised some excellent points during the discussion groups.  A reoccurring theme was "Intent and Impact".  - Thank you for sharing. 

Course review: Introduction to Justice Interpreting: Victim Services

5 Stars - Excellent

Karissa Jones

Professional Interpreter - Ohio

My goal is to be a hand in the effort to make sure everyone has access to communication. Thanks to my educators, mentors, and friends within this community I have been able to gain more knowledge and understanding that has gone towards this goal of mine.

Chloé Rayer

ASL Interpreting Major - PA


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