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Elevating Minds Since 1997

We bring your professional sign language interpreting to the next level.

Bhawani P. Dangal

Bhawani is a Deaf American citizen who arrived as a refugee from Bhutan in 2011. He quickly assumed a leadership role in the Deaf Bhutanese community. He works as a Nepali Sign Language/American Sign Language Deaf Interpreter and Refugee Advocate. He is an instructor of virtual Deaf Refugee Education Classes with Deaf refugees along with his co-instructor, Robert Tawney, who is also Deaf. He was a main organizer and keynote speaker at the first-ever World Deaf Refugee Day in 2021.

Lesley P. Richardson

Lesley has lived and worked in New Hampshire for over twenty-five years. She is a Community Sign Language Interpreter who focuses on interpreting within the Justice System and loves working with people from all over the world. Her international view of interpreting comes from living in bilingual and multicultural homes in three different countries. Lesley’s philosophies around the use of Deaf Interpreters and educating refugees about the value of communicative autonomy in interpreted settings gives her great satisfaction.  Lesley is currently working with Bhawani Dangal to advance his goals in helping Bhutanese/Nepali Deaf Refugees gain their independence.

It takes a village...

Lesley Richardson established Camaraderie-Solutions to meet a need she saw after working extensively with the Deaf Bhutanese community. Interpreting with and for people from other cultures and users of other signed languages requires skills beyond competence in ASL Interpretation. Camaraderie-Solutions is a network of Deaf people, interpreters, and allies working to bring awareness and excellence in cross-cultural interpreting. Located in New Hampshire, Camaraderie-Solutions provides training and mentoring by and for Deaf New Americans and the interpreters and organizations that work with them.

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